The Hawaiian Spirit Lives On

During the early 19th century outsiders gained strong influence in the region by means of their Missionaries and settlers that gained the land reform allowing the outsiders to buy land and cultivate crops on it. The ages old Kapu system was abolished and new systems took over. This led to plantation culture which has been one of the most controversial ones in the history. The new house of rule ceded a lot of region to US for trade reforms and the dynasty was finally overthrown in the year 1893 by the US by means of a very peaceful coup. The main reason for this was the attempt to implement a new constitution for the region which brought forth a very controversial coup. The Hawaiian Kingdom came to an end and a republic was born out of the ashes from the burned empire. The republic wanted to join the United States and succeeded in their pursuit in the year 1898.

During the Second World War the Pearl Harbour was attacked by the Japanese Navy and the place suffered huge losses. The whole region was put under Martial Law which lasted for a long time. But in 1954 after a non violent revolution governorship of the state was restored and in 1959 President Eisenhower granted this restoration after a referendum that had 93 % votes in favour of statehood. However, not everybody was satisfied with the appointed officials of the U S government. People wanted to gain greater governance for themselves and thus led to Self Determination movements in 1960s that are known as Hawaiian Renaissance.

Such long and vivid history has created a civilization that is very proud of their heritage and lineage while keeping their connection with modern world alive. The Hawaiian native people have a very rich culture and like to be known for it but they have also adapted the modernization of the world and new technologies. The history of this US state even though very long in terms of timeline that spans over centuries doesn’t have detailed description and neither they have long descriptive texts like western civilizations or Asian countries that share the same timeline.

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