The Beauty of Hawaii

Hawaii a place synonymous to tropical beauty long clean beaches and deep blue sea. Anybody can fall in love with this place on first sight. As soon as one get’s to lay their eyes on this magnificent and enthralling piece of land amidst vast Pacific Ocean, they can feel the waves and the music of nature playing calm and sweet tunes. This might be what the early settlers on these islands felt and thus settled down into this lovely place. To study the history of this group of islands one must start with the formation of them by various geological processes.

The formation of these islands in the middle of ocean has been a big mystery for scientists as well as geologists for a very long time. Recently after studying the data collected from the islands and rock structure of islands along with soil composition is has been decided that the volcanic eruptions were the major cause behind the existence of this island state. The island thus underwent a lot of geological changes with time and attained this form somewhere around 1 CE as per some historians and scientists.

After 1 CE the Polynesian people arrived to these islands in their boats while following stars for directions. Luckily they didn’t end up stranded in the ocean and made it this new land mass of Pacific Ocean. After that somewhere around the 1200-1210 CE the Tahitian people arrived and started settling here as well. The lands were fertile and availability of water was also in abundance leading to rise of well settled and new colonies for these settlers to live in. In 1778 the famous explorer, Captain James Cook, landed on Kauai and naming the place as Sandwich Islands but he was killed one year later in the Bay on Hawaii Island.

After about 500 years a local king rose to power by using modern technologies. He conquered all the tribes and unified the islands into the Kingdom of Hawaii. This newly formed state had a very important and strategic location in the ocean. The prosperity of the state was high and the newly formed empire ruled by Kamehameha was further ruled by his lineage until the Europeans arrived and took over the control of the kingdom. The rule of Kamehameha Dynasty came to end in the year of 1873.

Post written by Jay Hernandez. His writing can be found on CNN, the DailyBeast, and Fair Credit. He lives with his wife and two children in Roanoke, VA.

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